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Fullbars offers Mac Repair with the latest technologies so that your imac/Macbook will look new and function like the first day you bought it. Annual Mac cleaning is recommended to remove collected dust and debris to keep your Mac running clean and at high performance

imac/macbook services

If you have a problem or don’t see an issue listed then call us or message us through our contact us portal.

Common Issues

  • Screen repair and replacement

  • Touchpad repair and replacement

  • Battery replacement

  • Hard drive repair, recovery and replacement

  • Tune-ups

  • Virus removals

  • Performance upgrades

  • Logic Board repairs

iMac/Macbook Repair


At Fullbars iMac/MacBook Repairs are never a problem. We have been performing expert repairs on the  MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and the original  MacBook  Our Guarantee is provided on all parts we install.

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